We currently have 6 primary product offerings:

  • DMX1602 - An 18 channel decoder board, this was the first of our products to be developed, and has been around for nearly 2 decades, with minor changes in design over its lifespan. It provides 16 digital outputs and 2 0-10V analog outputs. A very robust design and foundation for our other boards.
  • RLY16 - This board is designed to be used in conjunction with our DMX1602 circuit board. The 26 pin box header and cable mate with the decoder to provide you with 16 5A relay outputs.
  • DMX1602A-DRV - This fantastic little board is our 18 channel analog decoder/driver board. Every channel is rated up to 500mA. Channels 17 and 18 can be configured for TTL or PWM output.
  • DMX0602A-DRV - Sometimes you don't need a whole 18 channels, and this board provides you with only 8. designed for a customer's special project, it is now part of our standard product offering. Just like the 18 channel version, the last two channels are TTL or PWM selectable.
  • DMX0800 - This elegant board combines the functionality of the DMX1602 and the RLY16 in an 8 channel version, providing 3A relay outputs on 2 8-pin molex headers.
  • DMX1200 - At the request of a customer who needed 12 channels instead of only 8, but didn't have the space for a DMX1602/RLY16 pairing, we designed a 12 channel version of the DMX0800 board, which has become a popular product.